iSpec Inspection Software Features & Benefits

Why use a toy, when you can use a tool?

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    Ease of Use
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You'll be hard pressed to find any competing product with all these capabilities, and certainly not at our price-point.
  1. Generate as many types of inspection templates as you can imagine, with as many items as you wish.​​

2. Select default templates by room type (these then automatically appear when a room is selected) but still allow any other template to be selected.

3. Require completion of all items in the inspection.

4. Designate only certain items as mandatory in an inspection.

5. Set an inspection template to fail if one item is failed, and, optionally have the system send you an alert if an item fails, or the inspection as a whole is failed.
6. Use virtually any type of scoring system (1-100, 0-10, APPA 1-5, Pass/Fail, Pass/Caution/Fail) and apply any scoring system to any item or the whole inspection template.

7. Send messages to all inspectors or just individual inspectors and receive replies.

8. Automatically generate fail alerts that give you the item, and room location, and inspector.

9. Weight each inspection item in a template individually or make them equally weighted.
10. Create comment groups that can be applied to templates as a whole and/or to individual items.

11. View information about each room and the tasks performed in it.

12. Capture who serviced what on any of seven shifts, including work assignment, associated supervisory zone and workers.

13. Change workers associated with the servicing on-the-fly while performing inspections.

14. Capture pictures with each inspection item

Works on Tablets & Phones

But we think tablets are best

For Professional-Grade software, Windows tablets allow wireless operation and fastest processing. Decent ones can be had for $200 now.
Ease of Use
Your work flow, to make inspecting enjoyable and quick was paramount in our design specifications
  1. Auto-item completion and storage
    iSpec automatically removes inspection items from view as you complete them, but, you can view and change completed items with a simple button press.
  2. Can allow 'skipping' items
    If you allow it, items can be skipped. This allows the inspector to select only items of concern. Once these are completed, weighting is adjusted to account for only completed items. Of course, you can set items to 'require completion'.
  3. Auto-alert transmission
    You can set individual items, or the inspection as a whole, to automatically generate and send an alert. Alerts appear when you open the core on the home screen: "You have mail".
  4. Offline work - no problem if Wi-Fi signal is lost
    Inspection data is saved as you go, so if you lose connection you don't lose any of your work. The desktop (tablet-only) version allows you to continue working.

Maintaining high-quality service is critical for customer satisfaction, customer retention, and growth

  1. Rapid-fire Inspections
    Easy navigation and saves you time
  2. Combine EVS and Maintenance Inspections
    Cover items needed for several departments, increases the bang for the buck
  3. Data-driven Employee Reviews
    Quality assurance is the only measurement standard needed for accurate reviews
  4. Use of the Core: Workloading, etc.
    The core includes bid calculation, work assignment lists, personnel records, asset management, etc.
  5. Identify Training Gaps
    Accurately determine training holes so you can fill them.
  6. Inspect: what you want & the way you want...
    We start you with templates, and we'll customize them or create new ones to your specifications
  7. Improve Client Health
    Ensuring health related cleaning is done properly literally saves lives.
  8. Comprehensive Reporting
    Reporting capabilities in the Core (controlling app) are, and there is no other word, "Outstanding". See below:
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