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We are a highly determined and tightly focused business that is proud to produce the very best in facility management specialty software. We maintain a close relationship with our customers and their needs’ drive advancements of our products. 

Informed Software has been in the facility management business for over 21 years. Our experience, attention to detail and concern for our customers is reflected in our software designs. Because we know budgets are tight we do our best to give you the best for less.
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iSpec Mobile can be purchased separately or as a module attached to our complete facility management software package, iManage Core. Otherwisepurchase it as a standalone inspection system and you still get iManage Core with the labor calculation engine disabled, but still an extremely powerful tool, nonetheless.For example, you can still create task lists, work assignments, manage equipment and supplies, and enjoy the many powerful tools we created over the years.

If you're interested in estimating labor and costs,  see our complete software package here.

And, it gets better: As part of our low standalone system price, we include enough time to get you up and running quickly, complete with spreadsheet-based development of your space inventory, along with room classification and inspection template setup. Think of the inspection templates as electronic "checklists" and you'll get the picture. While we start you out with many generic templates, every business is different and has different needs. Thus, if you're doing property management, you'll need a different set of templates than if you are doing contract cleaning. Just send us any existing checklists, and we'll set it up for you.

Finally, we offer a 90-day, no risk trial. Yes, we'll help you set up the software, license your desktop for iManage Core and license your tablets with iSpec Mobile and spend the time to get you set up. If, after 90 days, you are satisfied you can purchase or lease the system at very competitive pricing. We know what the competition charges and our goal is give you better value at lower costs. With pricing starting at $35/device per month and a reasonable setup cost, we challenge you to look at the competition and compare. You can download our price list here.

Below, we show the inspection screen. As you can see, this is professional grade software and we do not agree that you can do professional grade inspections on a smartphone, at least not efficiently, since the size of a smartphone screen simply can't handle all the functions you need when inspecting.
iSpec Mobile, is a professional quality assurance inspection tool
backed by the power of our facility management software.
It's a tough combination to beat
iSpec is the only inspection software that uses the power of a Excel Pivot Table Chart. Just push a button and a printable chart will appear in iManage Core.